COVID-19 Rapid Testing

COVID-19 Rapid Testing

We offer rapid COVID-19 antigen testing, rapid COVID-19 PCR testing, and rapid Flu + COVID-19 antigen testing with same day results! These tests are to verify whether or not you have an active COVID-19 or influenza infection. Testing is available Monday - Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM and Saturday from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM. If you are feeling sick or have been exposed and would like us to bill your insurance, we require you to make an appointment. For walk-ins, we are unable to bill insurance and require cash or card payments.  Tests needed for travel are not billed through insurance. 

To book an appointment, give us a call at 256-445-5400.

COVID-19 Rapid Antibody Test

We are also offering rapid COVID-19 antibody testing with same day results. This test is to verify whether or not you have antibodies against COVID-19. A positive antibody test does not mean that you have an active infection. Testing is available by appointment only and is completed inside our pharmacy.

To book an appointment, give us a call at 256-445-5400. 


Please arrive at your scheduled time and park in one of the designated parking spots on the side of our building. Call or text the store and our staff will come out to you to administer the test. Please have your face mask on and windows rolled up until we come out to meet you.

Questions? Please call us or see if you question is in our FAQs below. If you are looking for COVID-19 testing for your business, please email


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is COVID-19?  COVID-19 is a highly infectious disease caused by the Coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2. Most people infected by the COVID-19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness without the need for special treatment. Older people and those who are immunocompromised especially those with underlying medial issues like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer are more likely to develop a more serious illness.
  • What are the common symptoms of COVID-19?  
    • Most common: fever (temperature greater than 100.4 F or 38 C), dry cough, fatigue Less common: aches and pains, sore throat, diarrhea, loss of taste or smell, conjunctivitis, headache
    • More serious: difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, chest pain or pressure, loss of speech or movement (seek immediate medical attention if you have serious symptoms)
    • Always call before visiting your doctor or health facility. People with mild symptoms who are otherwise healthy should manage their symptoms at home. On average it takes 5-6 days from when someone is infected with the virus for symptoms to show, however it can take up to 14 days.
  • If I get COVID-19, can I get it again?  The hope is that if you get infected with COVID-19 once, you build up immunity to it. However, we do not know enough about COVID-19 yet to say for sure. Viruses often mutate and change, then reinfect, so it is more probably that you could get COVID-19 again, but less likely than someone who has never had it and therefore, has no built-up immunity to it.
  • Our advantage over other practices for COVID testing are as follows:
    • We offer same day appointments, testing, and results for the Rapid COVID-19 Antigen, Rapid COVID-19 PCR, Rapid Flu + COVID-19, and Rapid Antibody COVID-19 tests.
    • We do not run out of testing supply so you will be able to test with us and not wait.
    • We conduct testing curbside, so you are safe within the confines of your vehicle.
    • You are not exposed to a waiting room environment where you may get COVID-19 or may spread it to someone else.
  • If I was exposed to someone with symptoms of COVID-19 or had a confirmed positive for COVID-19, how long should I wait before being tested?  It is recommended to wait at least 5 days after a known exposure to someone believed to be or known to be positive for COVID-19. The reason you wait 5 days is for the virus to build up enough of a detectable load for testing. If you test before this time, it is likely for you to react with a negative test, when you are actually positive (false negative.)
  • How long does it take to get over COVID-19?  Most individuals with mild symptoms get over COVID within a few weeks. Others can be affected for quite longer. The severity of the symptoms and pre-existing conditions can dictate recovery time.
  • Who is most at risk of experiencing serious complications of COVID-19?  Anybody with underlying medical diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory illnesses, cancers, and other immunocompromised patients. The elderly are thought to be more likely to have serious medical complications due to COVID-19.
  • What can I do to prevent the spread of COVID-19?  Practice social distancing (stay at least 6 feet from others in public spaces), wash your hands often and use sanitizer, wear a mask when in public or around other individuals, and stay home as much as possible until the spread of COVID-19 is better controlled. If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 you should be tested and avoid other people as much as possible.
  • Can I use my medical insurance to pay for COVID-19 testing at River City Pharmacy?  Yes! We are able to bill most medical insurances if you provide your insurance card at the time of your appointment. Medical insurance does generally cover testing for COVID-19. We can also take HSA or FSA cards, which pay 100% of the cost of testing.
  • Do you take HSA/FSA for COVID-19 testing?  Yes! We take all valid Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards. If payment does not go through when trying to use your HSA or FSA card, call your card processor to troubleshoot the issue.
  • Can I reschedule my appointment?  To change the date and/or time of your test, simply give us a call at 256-445-5400.
  • May I book a COVID-19 test and request a refund later? What is your refund policy?  Unfortunately, once you pay for a test or it is billed to your insurance, it is non-refundable. We make that very clear before you submit payment. We have many steps that involve multiple people behind the scenes to get ready for testing including paper transcription of forms, preparing tests, reviewing the information on the forms for completion, and reserving the test time specifically for you. Please only book a test if you are sure you need to get tested. Our refund policy is also explained to you and requires you to check a box BEFORE you make payment. We appreciate your understanding.
  • How long does it take to get the results back from your rapid tests?  The run times for are tests are 10 minutes for the COVID-19 antigen test, 15 minutes for the Flu + COVID-19 antigen combination test, 30 minutes for the COVID-19 PCR test, and 15 minutes for our antibody test. Sometimes, we are slightly backed up due to the high demand on COVID-19 testing but we will make every effort to get to you on time and tested as soon as possible.
  • What is the difference between a Rapid COVID Antigen test and a RT-PCR test?  A rapid antigen diagnostic test detects specific proteins on the surface of the Coronavirus. These tests generally provide a result within an hour, and are highly specific, meaning if you test positive you are very likely to be infected (100%). However, there is a higher change of false negatives with antigen tests due to testing being done before the virus can build up detectable levels, therefore there is a chance of false negatives if tested too early (generally considered less than 5 days post-exposure). A RT-PCR or PCT test detects the presence of the virus’ genetic material using the process of reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction or PCR. This test is typically collected with a nasal swab or saliva, sent to a lab, where the Coronavirus RNA (if present) is converted to DNA and then amplified to produce enough viral DNA to be detected. This test is highly accurate, so a positive or a negative result is generally 100% accurate. We now offer a rapid version of this technology.
  • What is the difference between a Rapid Antigen Test and a Rapid Antibody Test?  While both tests take about 10 minutes to get your results, they give us different information. The Rapid Antigen Test let's us know if you have an active COVID-19 infection. The Rapid Antibody Test let's us know if your immune system has met and successfully dealt with COVID-19, but a positive results does not mean that you have an active COVID-19 infection.
  • What kind of test do you use for the rapid antigen test?  Rapid Antigen COVID-19 Test – CareSmart COVID-19 Antigen Test
  • What kind of test do you use for the rapid PCR test? Rapid PCR COVID-19 Test - Accula SARS-CoV-2 Rapid PCR Test
  • What kind of test do you use for the rapid flu + COVID-19 antigen test? Rapid Flu + COVID-19 Antigen Test - Status COVID-19/Flu Rapid Antigen Test that detects COVID-19 as well as Influenza Type A & Type B
  • What kind of test do you use for the rapid antibody test?  Rapid Antibody COVID-19 Test - FaStep COVID-19 Rapid Antibody Test
  • Is your rapid test FDA-approved?  Yes, all of our tests are approved by the FDA Emergency Use Authorization.
  • Do you offer corporate or group rates for testing?  Absolutely! Email and we will be happy to provide your company, group, or personal network with a customized digital flyer to pass around as well as a group discount on tests.
  • Who do I contact if I have any other questions about COVID-19 and testing?  You may ask your tester at the testing site or you may email us at and we will respond within 24 hours.
  • I am travelling to another state, territory, or country that has specific guidelines on type of COVID-19 test used for either rapid or PCR, and how many hours before the flight the test is conducted. What do I do?  Please refer to the above questions for the types of tests we utilize. If the place you are traveling requires a certain type of test not on our list above then we may not be able to help you (please visit the CDC website to see travel and COVID testing rules for different destinations). Many places simply require you to have a rapid or PCR test within 72 hours. If that is the case, we more than likely can accommodate you on any given day. Please email if you require any assistance at all.


Interested in getting a COVID vaccine? Click here for more information.

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