Successful Functional Medicine Clients

"My body had been telling me for years that something was not right, traditional doctors could not give me the answers I needed - their answer was usually to just give me another antibiotic or medicine of some kind, and with every medicine comes more side effects and complications. 

My main concern was to be disappointed by another doctor and not get the answers that I needed. Getting confirmation through testing (a little pricey but definitely worth it) about what I had already suspected gave me great peace of mind and motivation to make the changes I needed to make. Now that I have been given some true answers about what the root of my health problems are, I have a clear plan on how to attack the problems. I was thrilled to know that I don’t need to take medications! I can manage my auto-immune problems through nutrition and lifestyle changes. 

Dr Lexi has been able to find the root of my health problems and lay out a clear plan to address those problems. It’s not been easy to make some of the changes, but they have been worth it! Not just to me, but to my family also as I pass on to them what I’ve learned. You have to decide how important your health is to you and then take the first step."

– Sandy P.


"I was introduced to functional medicine several years ago and I have to admit that I was very skeptical. My engineering brain wanted to see health and nutrition like a bank – calories in were offset by calories out – therefore I could eat what I wanted as long as I exercised.

My wife and daughters worked with a functional medicine practitioner to address stress, inflammation, food intolerance and weight challenges. They approached health and nutrition like a science lab – test and then treat to balance out deficiencies in the body which in turn allowed their bodies to heal naturally.

In a relativity short period of time, my family showed signs of healing. They slept better and seemed to have a higher resistance to infections and viruses. They lost inches, managed stress better, had healthier skin and seemed, well, happier. It wasn’t an overnight change, but it was worth the effort. I on the other hand, hadn’t lost any weight and still felt tired.

So, eight months ago, I made the life changing decision to listen to my family’s functional medicine practitioner. We started with an elimination diet. I won’t lie, it was a challenge, but I learned which foods cause some of my health problems like bloating, fatigue, gas, brain fog, and congestion, and which ones didn’t. I learned to try new recipes and they were actually good!

I kept a food journal and noted how I felt and then tracked my weight daily after reintroducing each inflammatory food group. I couldn’t believe the results! Over the course of the several months, I lost 22 pounds and went down a pant size!! More importantly I was able to come completely off my blood pressure medication, and I felt alive again!! I had much more energy, and could focus better both at home and at work.

Over the holidays, I made several poor eating choices. It was very obvious how bad those foods made me feel. I have experienced the success of lifestyle change and have no interest in going back to my old habits.

I will continue to consult with my functional medicine practitioner on a regular basis to ensure that I’m staying on track, eating well, and living a life of health that I’ve never experienced before!!

If you are reading this testimony, my advice to you is, don’t wait like I did. Seek the wisdom and encouragement of a functional medicine practitioner. Start with an elimination diet and then follow it up with blood work to identify any remaining deficiencies.

My life has greatly improved as a result of this program, and I intend to follow it, for the rest of my life. If you are married, I urge you to do it together! Family is a great support system. You owe it to you and your family to take back control of your health!"

– Bill B.


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